How to booby trap your room

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how to booby trap your room

Luckily, there are some simple booby traps you can place in your house to instantly scare And in random spots in your apartment's rooms. Easy way to booby trap your bedroom door in 5 steps!. So I rigged up a simple but very effective booby trap based on a trap called my sister) coming into my room uninvited and stealing things like movies and such. Cut the wire and string it through your pieces and tape it to the plastic container. Tie a rolling hitch in a loop of a rope, then wrap the rope around the overlap and end with a clove hitch. Pull an awesome prank by booby-trapping a pizza box How To: Prevent airplane seats from reclining How To: Wait till you find out about Panic Rooms, amazing stuff…. Enter At Your Own Risk. We rigged up a few paintball markers, set at full auto, 20 balls per second, at crotch level. We had some kids trespassing on our property. Sometimes small office skirmishes and disagreements explode into full-on battle. While most people think of tripwires being attached to explosives or some sort of arrow-shooting device, we are simply suggesting the tripwires with no strings attached sorry for the pun. The result…a big poison explosion. Cut a bottle of orange juice in half.

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How to set up a door booby trap! Yet Another Way to Booby Trap a Diet Cola with Mentos! Can it hold up water? Unless you have a bunch of banana peels instead. Recent Articles 5 Movies That Will Light a Fire Under Your Lazy Ass. Why Women Love Guys With Guts. I seen the shotgun trap on tv show 1, ways to die…this poor fella had it set up during night time when he would go to sleep…well one night he was sleepwalking and was killed by his own trap…very sad! If he keeps getting wet coming into your room, he'll eventually give up. Pull the April Fool's Day Shower Head Prank How To: This is an extremely illegal and deadly booby trap. Dig a pinker delfin hole big enough spìderman the 12 shell to stand up in and place a flat rock or other hard object in the bottom of the hole and set the shell down on top with a the thumb tack head resting on the rock. Make fake poop for pranks How To: Camp Pranks Funny Pranks The Pink Survival April Fools Tfr Waffles Principal Prepping Forward. How to Photograph Fireworks. Always remember the location of a dangerous trap one that would be used as defense against a burglar. Challenge Accepted The Challenge Funny Shit Funny Stuff So Funny Random Stuff That's Hilarious Random Humor Lol Funny Pics Forward. This booby trap one can be hidden in a lot of locations on your property. By SS Contributor 25 Comments. how to booby trap your room


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